Listen:React 040 – Jonny Cruz & Cesar Acosta

Aaaand were back!  Hello folks, how are you? how you been doing? hopefully you been doing as great as we are, because let me tell you, even though life is difficult as fuck, its been very much fun lately, ive been dealing with tons of difficulties, yet the family is doing greater than ever, so yeah, if your life sucks, hey man, its not my fault, i found that little stash my self, i didnt steal anything bro!!!………ok, back to the music. Today im very happy to announce our amazing guests, first, ill start with the second part of the show, as we have an amazing new comer to the local scene, a guy who lately has been doing warm up duties for almost every amazing act that has passed through town, so as you can imagine, the guy can rock a mean set, i give you Mr. Cesar Acosta, memeber of one of the biggest promoting companies in town, SMG.

Ok, now to our featured guest, shit, this guys doesnt even need an introduction, this guy has been fucking the scene up with some really amazing releases, i mean, the guy is doing shit for My Favorite Robot, so that should tell you almost everything, also, did i mention that he released some stuff on Coccon, yeah, that Cocoon, Mr. Sven Vaths label? ever heard of it, if not youre a moron. So yeah, today our guest is Jonny Cruz, so yeah, suck on that bitch!!!

ok, now, you get to options, you can download the mixes, or you can just listen to them, so you pick your poison.

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L:R040 – Cesar Acosta – (Right Click, Save As)