Listen:React 039 – MANIK – August 2012

Hello Friends, here we are again, August has brought us a wide range of opportunities in our home, one of the best was my wife giving birth to our new son, which has me very happy at the moment, also, some our project have been flourishing in a very productive way, so you can say we are very happy campers right now!

Ok, now to the music, this time, like we did last month, we concentrate on an artist that will make his way into our own little town,  a young fella that has been making the rounds on almost every well established record label out there, i mean, the man is on most of my favorite labels, like Ovum, Poker Flat and Culprit.  As far as his style, this cat has a very unique sound that distinguishes him from the rest of the pack, always keeping that little retro style that we all love.

Peeps, i give you MANIK!

M A N I K (Culprit/Ovum/Poker Flat / NY)

listen or download links at the bottom!!

Listen:React 039 Part 1 by M A N I K

Listen:React 039 Part 2 by Cj Tari